eXcessica submission guidelines


We are currently CLOSED to submissions.

eXcessica began in 2008 as the first known author cooperative. Authors who submit to eXcessica are responsible for their own editing and cover art. eXcessica takes care of the formatting and uploading to distributors and the distribution of payments on a quarterly basis. NOTE: To publish with us you must either be willing to provide us with a W-9 or W-8BEN (international authors) for tax purposes.

What do you get, as an eXcessica author?

First and foremost: OUR BRAND

Readers know eXcessica books are HOT, well-written erotica!

eXcessica has been in business since 2008 and we’ve grossed nearly a million dollars a year for the past three years. We have a publicist who markets your book on an active FACEBOOK page, a YAHOO GROUP with over 6500 members, a FORUM where you can interact with readers and writers alike, and we also have a private author Yahoo group where you can connect to other Excessica co-op authors. 

If you have tried publishing erotica on your own, you already know the erotica market is flooded and the waters are treacherous. Amazon has a habit of “adult filtering” certain erotica books and Barnes and Noble likes to “anchor” them to keep them off their bestseller lists. Apple, Kobo and Google Play keep changing their guidelines, making it harder and harder for erotica to find a home. As an eXcessica author, you have the benefit of our long term experience in the genre. We know what works, what doesn’t, and how to make sure your book is seen by readers but not targeted by distributors. There are things eXcessica can do that self-published authors can’t, and as one of our authors, you’ll have the power of our numbers behind you and the eXcessica label behind your name. Working in a co-op means we’re all individuals, but we also work as a team. Every time an eXcessica author markets their work, they advertise our brand, drawing readers into our site, and hence advertising your book(s) as well! 

Last, but definitely not least, eXcessica is not a vanity publisher, so we will not charge you to publish with us. With eXcessica we offer you a simple contract, giving eXcessica the non-exclusive contractual right to publish your work. You keep control over your work, from content (with few limits) to cover art to editing and pricing and we only keep a very nominal 10%. That’s right, we take just 10% percent of sales, as opposed to the 30%, 40%, even 65% some epublishers take. Your contract can be ended with us at any time – there is no obligation to keep your books with eXcessica. We will also accept previously published works if you hold the rights (and have proof of such.) We do NOT, however, accept queries or partial submissions. Manuscripts must be complete and follow our submission guidelines.

We currently distribute to the following sites:

A1 Adult EBooks, All Romance Ebooks, Amazon, Apple (direct, not via an aggregator), Barnes and Noble (Nook), Bookstrand, Excessica, Excessica Eden, Excitica, Google Play, Kobo, Smashwords(for Sony and Diesel distribution – as of this time we do NOT distribute to any “subscription” sites like Oyster or Scribd)


Just because we like to push the boundaries doesn’t mean we don’t want an actual story with our erotica. Excessive sex is great (we like excess!) so sex in every chapter is fine—but sex without any semblance of a plot is not. We are looking for fully developed characters, plots and settings.


Non-erotic, or love scenes are not consummated, or if the love scenes are consummated, graphic details are not given. Some adult language and grapic sexual desciption. Some love scenes. These are more sensual then graphic. Explicit adult language. Sensual, yet more explicit love scenes, and the language may be more graphic and direct. Very frequent, more explicit love scenes described using graphic and direct language. Might be offensive to some. Erotic. Extreme sex scenes. Hard-core language. Will contain subject matter that some readers consider objectionable.

Excess Levels

Nothing offensive to a reasonable person. Relationships are heterosexually oriented. May contain reference to objectionable material, but doesn’t go into graphic detail. May contain one or all of the following: gay relationships, multiple partners, toys, fetish, mild to moderate bdsm May contain nonconsent, incest, extreme bdsm, or other possibly objectionable material.


  • Stories: Under 15K
  • Novelettes: 15-35K
  • Novellas: 35-50K
  • Novels 50-70K
  • Super Novels: 70-140K
  • Super XL Novels: 140-250K
  • Super XXL Novels: 250K +



  • Anthologies of shorter works


  • Bondage, submission, domination. We push the boundaries here, of course, so check our warnings for things like knife or blood play.

Erotic Horror

  • Sometimes hot, always creepy, these are the tales that give you shivers in more ways than one!

Gay Male

  • Hot, sexy man-lovin!


  • Historical erotica fiction.


  • These are works that just make you laugh out loud—so if you like your sex fun, check out this category!


  • Black and white, white and Asian, Indian and … well, whatever! Mixing it up is hot!


  • Girls loving girls!


  • Three or more!


  • Whodunnit? This is our sex-filled romp through Sherlock Holmes’ territory!


  • All things woo-woo—vampires, shape-shifters, werewolves, ghosties, you’ll find them here!


  • It makes your heart melt, go pitter-pat, and it might or might not end happily. If you’re set on the fairy tale, check the heart-rating!


  • Big girls and guys and the folks who love them!


  • Alternate worlds, strange universes, futuristic scenarios, sexy aliens, fairy tales and mythology are in this catch-all category!


Well we had to have some boundaries!

  • Underage sex—a controversial topic to say the least. Since we are based in the U.S. and considering the current political climate, we have to say that underage is defined as someone under the age of 18. So no descriptive sexual situations with underage persons will be allowed—however, allusions and reference to it happening in the past is okay.
  • Rape—this is a soft boundary. We do accept some non-consent work. Submit it and we’ll see!
  • Incest – there are only a few distributors who take this. We publish it via and will publish it at those sites that allow it. Pseudoincest is also accepted, and is allowed at a few more distributors, although there are some who do not take it.
  • Necrophilia and bestiality—no surprise, the dead folks and the earth-animals are still off-limits, folks. Of course, this doesn’t include the UNdead (vampires) or fantastical animals (shapeshifters, werewolves, etc.)



When you submit to Excessica the first time, it’s more like an audition than anything else. You’re going to get one chance to impress us, so make it good! Once you have been accepted to our stable of authors, there are certain guidelines and a level of quality we will expect to be met, but essentially you will be allowed to submit your work without prior approval. Please make sure your first submission is the one you want to make your best first impression!

  • Attach ONE document .doc (Word) or .rtf (Rich Text File)
  • 1 inch margins all the way around
  • Times New Roman —12 point font
  • 1.15 line spacing
  • 0.5 at beginning of each paragraph (use the ruler at the top of your Word document)
  • No extra returns between paragraphs 
  • Insert hard page breaks between chapters (if you turn on paragraph markers, it should say “section break” not “page break” between chapters)

The first page and your cover email must contain at top left:

  • Name (you can use a pen name if you like)
  • Email address
  • Title of work
  • Word Count
  • Genre(s)
  • Firebolt/Heat Level
  • Warnings (Ex: This title contains f/f sex, nonconsensual and anal sex)
  • Short synopsis

A NOTE ON EDITING: When it comes to editing, we expect you to be incredibly diligent about your work. It needs to be as error-free as possible before submission. Your manuscript will be read and reviewed for both content and errors. If your manuscript has clearly been sent to us unedited, it will be returned to you. 




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