Unplugged by Savannah Reardon

eXcessively pleasurable fiction

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Warnings: This title contains graphic language and sex.

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Alicia has a very vivid fantasy about anal sex. She’s never experienced it before, but she knows exactly how she wants it: hard and fast. In order to fulfill her fantasy, Jack “plugs” her up before going to work. When he comes home, Alicia’s fantasy will finally be fulfilled.


When he finally came out of the bathroom, Jack wasted no time. In one hand, he carried a bottle of lube, and a look of raw lust burned on his rugged face. He grasped her firmly around the shoulders and pushed her onto her stomach on the bed. “I’ve been able to think of nothing else all day,” he murmured in her ear as he leaned over her prostrate body. “I didn’t get a damn bit of work done because all I could think about was sliding my cock into your tight little ass.”

Alicia moaned as his breath blew across her tense cheeks. His fingers tapped the silicone base of the plug lodged firmly in her ass, and she practically jumped out of her skin from the current shooting through her body. A long drawn out whimper rolled from between her lips as he gripped the base and slowly pulled the plug from her ass. The stretched out hole twitched as it released its hold on the black silicone.

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    Unplugged by Savannah Reardon was riveting.

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