The Hitchhiker by habu

eXcessively pleasurable fiction

from the sweet to the forbidden



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gay male


Length: Short Story

Price: FREE

This E-Books is available in .HTML (web) .PDF (Adobe) or .LIT (Microsoft Reader) format.

Warnings: This title contains graphic language and gay male sex.

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When Chad stops for a bare-chested hitchhiker, he’s really not sure exactly why, but young Tim, in a well-woven seduction, convinces him of the real reason. As Tim insists on paying Chad for the ride—with sex—Chad revels in the new experience, but he soon learns the great risk of picking up strangers and giving in to temptation.


In the wee, dark hours of the morning, I was awakened by something heavy coming down on the mattress of my bed and the covers being lifted. Tim had come into my bed and was stretched out behind me, his body stretched along mine. His pelvis was cuddled into my ass. His left hand was fingering my hair and my ears and neck, and his right hand was slowly exploring my chest, abs, belly and crotch. As I drowsily came awake, I could feel his cock beginning to rise in the small of my back.

“No, Tim,” I managed in a sleepy voice, fighting with drugged sleep, exhausted from the road. But he put his right leg over mine then and pulled me toward my back. My pelvis was pointed at the ceiling, and his hand unsnapped my pajama shorts and took a grip on my cock.

“No, no.” I turned toward him and fought him—weakly because I still wasn’t awake and because whatever the smoke of Tim had been puffing was still drifting around the room. We rolled around in the bed, entwining our legs, chest pushing at chest, cocks flopping against each other, bellies heaving, which only served to excite us both and to make me lose my control. My hands stopped trying to push him away, and, instead, pulled and prodded and glided and squeezed. I was exploring him just as much as he was exploring me and just as sensually. These were my sighs and moans I was hearing; they weren’t all his. He had pulled my pajama shorts down to my knees, but I pulled them off my legs and tossed them aside myself.

“In the dark,” he whispered through heavy breathing. “Nothing is real; nothing counts in the dark, Chad. You can pretend tomorrow that this was all a dream. We’ll both pretend it was only a dream.”

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