Rhiannon’s New School by Jennifer Campbell

eXcessively pleasurable fiction

from the sweet to the forbidden



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Length: Short

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Warnings: This title contains graphic language.

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Always an A student in her old school, Rhiannon is upset that her family has moved and her stepfather has sent her to a new school. Soon she is in trouble with the headmaster, and she discovers the true reason she has been sent to the Academy. Will Rhiannon have the courage to follow her submissive nature, and find fulfillment?


Looking about his office, she thought everything looked normal enough save for this wooden frame with copious leather straps on it. Curious about what it was and why it was there she pointed to it and asked the Headmaster. “Whatever is that, sir?”

The Headmaster laughed, but moving like a cat, he grabbed Rhiannon, one hand over her mouth, and the other around her torso. “Truthfully, girl, those are the tools I need to see if your answers on the quiz were real, or fakery.” In moments his powerful hands had her stripped, gagged, and strapped over the wooden apparatus.

Rhiannon tried to cry out for help, but the gag was far too effective for her to make any serious noise.

“Soundproof walls, Miss, a feature I insisted upon in my office. Now we’re going to test your mettle, and your libido, and find out if you’re suited for the Academy.” He took down a thin whippy stick from a wall display, and smacked Rhiannon across her behind with it.

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