Making Up by Dakota Trace

eXcessively pleasurable fiction

from the sweet to the forbidden



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Grace-lee is feeling smothered by her chosen, Drew. She is from Earth and he’s from Venus and she just wasn’t prepared for the reality of the bonding they undertook. Now, she’s at her place because she needs some “space,” and he’s at his, filled with a beyond-human hunger for his mate — and both of them are miserable. Can Drew’s sister, Alexa, talk sense into the stubborn couple…and is Grace-lee prepared for the consequences of their separation?

They always say make-up sex is the hottest!


Alexa sighed as she opened the front door to the office she shared with her brother, Andrew. Her chosen, Joseph, had been gone for a week on business, and she sure missed his warm comforting arms at night when she got home from a long day’s work. It didn’t help that her brother’s chosen, Grace-lee, worked with both of them. She had to see them mooning over each other every day.

It wasn’t much different, she supposed, than she and Joseph were together. She wasn’t surprised to see Andrew had already arrived. He was always the first one in and usually the last one to leave at night. She was surprised, however, that she didn’t see Grace-lee any where in the office. Placing her purse and coat in the coat closet, she wandered back into Andrew’s lab. She found him hunched over his desk with his head braced between his hands.

“Andrew, is everything okay?” She walked over to his desk and leaned against it.

“I don’t know what to do, Alexa. Grace-lee has left.”

“What?” she asked in disbelief. It was unheard of for chosen ones to leave each other. They needed the constant presence of their mate to function.

“Yes, she left me.” Andrew raised his head and looked up at her. Alexa gasped when she saw the huge bags under his silver eyes and patchiness of his normally smooth skin.


“Over the weekend,” he growled. “She said something about needing some space.”

“Doesn’t she realize that isn’t how it works between us? This is Venus, not Earth!” Alexa insisted hotly.

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