Happy New Year by Kenn Dahll

eXcessively pleasurable fiction

from the sweet to the forbidden



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gay male


Length: Short Short

Price: FREE

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Warnings: This title contains graphic language and gay male sex.

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Zane and his lover survived a horrendous year which began last New Year’s Eve with a car accident on the way home from a party.  Misfortunes abounded including a rained-out orgy, a Halloween costume mishap, and a bed collapse in the middle of heavy sex.  They were hoping that the New Year would bring better luck.

The evening started out great.  The two couples seated on either side of them were both fun to talk to and very attractive.  Plans were underway for a future get together for six-way sex when calamity struck!


What seemed to be the final insult took place on our anniversary in mid-December. Zane and I went out to dinner in a fancy restaurant and returned early to exchange gifts. Without any prior discussion we bought each other vibrating dildos?the exact same model, where the head makes a circular motion on the end of the shaft, sort of like it’s drilling into your asshole. We took our little blue pills for stamina then greased up both faux cocks and our assholes.

After a little mutual cocksucking I grabbed a dildo and pressed the vibrating head against Zane’s pucker as he lay on his back legs on my shoulders. “Oh, yes! Stick that mother fucker up my ass!” Zane was always quite verbal during sex which I found exciting.

I took my time stretching his ass lips and inserting the dildo with the vibrator on low. Once through his anal ring I moved the plastic penis in and out while alternating the speed of the pulsations. “Oh! Fuck yes! Give it to me! Yes!” I could tell when I struck Zane’s prostate gland. He yelled louder and his cock drooled copious amounts of precum onto his belly. “Fuck! Damn that feels good! Yes! Yes! I’m getting close. Fuck me with that dildo!”

The bed creaked and groaned as I worked my lover’s ass over with the sex toy. I wanted to take him over the top as I knew he’d be ready for an instant replay, which would be even more intense. “Oh! Oh! Fuck! Yes! I’m coming!” Zane’s voice went really high and his body shuddered as he blew a load onto his torso and face.

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