Enya’s Tale by Jennifer Campbell

eXcessively pleasurable fiction

from the sweet to the forbidden



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Length: Short-Short

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Warnings: This title contains graphic language, sex and bdsm elements.

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Captured by Kellmar warriors, flaxen-haired Enya is stripped and kept with other slaves in a wooden pen. Slowly, she watches her fellow captives disappear day by day, until finally she puts the pieces of the puzzle together with the arrival of Bella, a new captive. Enya now knows her fate is in sexual slavery, but can she find the courage to survive?


Enya knew if she made the journey north, there would likely be no rescue for her, so she might well have to make her grandmother’s choice, to live in slavery, or die. How will I decide, and will I have her strength?

Enya’s thoughts were interrupted by the approach a Kellmar warrior who had used her the previous evening. Dragging behind him a new captive of stunning beauty, he shouted at the fat, old guard. “Open the cage, I wish to give the Utto bitch some company. I would have her happy to serve me, in fact I’ll probably have both of these sluts tonight after feast.”

The guard snapped to attention, and moved smartly, telling Enya the warrior was of more than passing importance. Watching him push the girl into the cage, Enya noticed her lovely reddish-brown hair and high cheekbones both traits to Tamerian women.

“Get to the ground, bitch, it is your proper place before the First Captain of Kellmar.” Pushing the woman to the ground, he pressed her bountiful breasts and face to the dirt floor. Grinding her face, he pulled the rope on her neck until she was choking, and Enya was powerless to stop it.

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