Conrad’s First Girl by Varian Krylov

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Warnings: This title contains graphic language and nonconsensual sex.

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Conrad has planned an abduction, but before he can execute his perfect crime, he needs a little practice bending reluctant virgins to his will. Enter Elsie, Conrad’s first girl.

A prequel to Varian Krylov’s bestselling “ABDUCTION!”


Perching casually on the window sill just two feet from her, Conrad sat there for a few long moments, slowly devouring Elsie’s frightened look, drawing in each timorous little exhale of hers as she sat there, wondering what he was about to do to her. He felt his power over her, and it swelled him with dark satisfaction. And it made him hard.

“Not tonight, but one night very soon, Elsie, you’re going to feel my cock inside of you.”

He watched as his words transformed her face once more. It was not fear, but shock and angry embarrassment that shaped her features now. His smug confidence, the audacity and crudeness of his words were a cruel violation deliberately calculated to contrast his carefully decorous behavior earlier in the evening.

“Have you ever had a man’s cock inside of you, Elsie?”

She just sat there in angry, trembling silence.

“I’m fairly certain you haven’t. Not even in your mouth. Am I right?”

She wanted to scream her indignation at him, throw him out. But she sat frozen and silent.

“In fact, if I were to hazard a guess, you’ve never so much as touched a man, or even seen a stiff, swollen prick. Except, maybe, in a photo or a film.”

And with that, sitting there on that window sill, his knees almost touching hers, he unbuckled his belt. He watched as her eyes, moist with tears of frustration and rage, were veiled by her lids and lashes as she turned her indignant stare from his face to his hands as they undid his pants. Then, watching her watch, he pushed his hand down his pants, sliding his palm over his shorts, over the bulge of his already hard prick, down, giving his balls a gentle squeeze, up the firm shaft of his cock. She was still staring when he moved his hand away, giving her a good long look at the shape of his stiff prick perfectly outlined under the snug fabric of his boxers. He gave a low chuckle. Humiliated as she was, she was transfixed.

“Now you’re going to sit there like a good girl and watch me stroke it.”

Slowly pulling down the band of his shorts, inch by inch he revealed himself to her, showing her that tumid, manly thing.

“While you watch me stroke it, Elsie, I want you to think about taking me in your mouth, all hot and soft and wet.”

“He let his fingers lightly embrace his rigid shaft, trailing them up and down, slowly, as he spoke.

“Imagine circling that little pink tongue of yours around the tip…”

He ran one index finger slowly around the head of his cock.

“…then sliding my prick between those lovely full lips, feeling me sliding back, over your tongue, deep into your mouth.”

Up and down he moved the circle of his fingers, still languidly.

Now that her fear had ebbed, her embarrassment was not enough to keep away the tender ache that was pulsing between her legs.

“My cock utterly filling that hot, wet mouth of yours. Imagine sucking me, sweet Elsie, taking me all the way in, then pulling back, letting me slide out from between your slurping, sucking lips, as you massage me with your tongue.”

Stroking himself in earnest now, his grip tighter, his hips pumping his cock into his fist, he watched her staring, her chest palpitating with excited breath, her lips just slightly parted, almost as if she were hoping for the command to drop to her knees and suck him right then.

“Then, darling, it won’t be you sucking me anymore. It will be me, fucking your mouth, holding your head, my fingers sunk into your hair, gripping it in fistfuls and thrusting between your lips until I’m ready to come. And when I get very close, Elsie, when I’m just about to come, I’ll pull back, and you, dear Elsie, will keep your mouth open. I want you to taste my come, but I want to see, so in the final moment, as I pull free of your hungry, nursing mouth I’ll give myself the finishing stroke, and shoot my hot, sticky come onto your tongue, onto your lips, and watch you lick them clean and swallow.”

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