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Get all of Selena Kitt's taboo offerings in one racy, forbidden collection! Explore the naughty, wild brother-sister fantasy in the Sibling Lust series, including On the Bus, In the Fold, In the Barn and Under the Stars, Then experience the Daddy’s Favorites series (Darla, Tina, Anna, Christa, Clara and Becca) where naughty thoughts and wicked temptations bring the taboo Daddy-daughter fantasy to life. You’ll discover shameless displays of the taboo so scandalously hot and wrong you’ll wonder just how they could feel so very right!


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Selena Kitt's *Sibling Lust*--where naughty thoughts and wicked temptations bring the sibling taboo fantasy to life.

On the Bus (Sibling Lust): Two stepsiblings on a cross-country trek to California find more stimulation than just the scenery! Emily is getting tired of listening to Danny practice trivia for his Jeopardy try-outs, and both of them are anxious about meeting Danny’s dad again after years of separation, but neither sibling could have predicted that a journey of forbidden sexual exploration would begin for them together on the bus.

In the Fold (Sibling Lust): Stepsisters Rachel and Abby belong to a closed religious sect called The Hands of God. By day, they’re both innocent and pious, following Daddy Zeke’s orders—but by night, these two sensual, wanton sisters share the same bed, breaking their spiritual covenant but creating bonds stronger than any man or God could tear asunder.

In the Barn (Sibling Lust): The temptations of the flesh prove too much for devoutly Amish Sarah, and to make matters worse, the devil has come in the form of her own adopted brother, Eli. When she discovers him doing something strangely exciting in the barn, Sarah can’t help letting her hair down, in more ways than one, and together the siblings give rise to a new definition of sin.

Under the Stars (Sibling Lust): Sissy and her adopted brother, Sam, are embarking on a long-awaited camping trip in Michigan’s U.P. They’re both in college now and their parents are finally letting them plan a trip to the family’s cabin on their own, but when Sissy’s boyfriend bails on her for the umpteenth time and Sam’s on-again off-again girlfriend gets sick and can’t go, the two of them find themselves alone and get into far more trouble than two siblings ever should.

* * * *

Selena Kitt’s *Daddy’s Favorites*—where naughty thoughts and wicked temptations bring the taboo daddy-daughter fantasy to life. 

Darla (Daddy’s Favorites): Sheltered Darla never knew her real father and now her stepfather has a whole new life and family she only feels peripherally a part of. When her stepfather asks her to babysit for her younger stepsister, Darla takes the opportunity to ask her daddy to prove his love for her in a way so illicit and wicked it shocks them both—but leaves them craving more.

Tina (Daddy’s Favorites): Chubby Tina thinks she couldn’t hate herself any more than she already does, when she overhears her skinny mother telling a friend, “We’re going to be stuck with Tina forever. No guy is ever going to want her.” It’s her first year of college, and she vows to move in with a girlfriend instead of stay with her parents anymore. That is, until her stepfather catches her with going out the door in the middle of the night with a suitcase. Tina finally, tearfully confesses, and is surprised by her stepfather’s insight and perspective—and how willing he is to show her just how beautiful and loveable he thinks she really is.

Anna (Daddy’s Favorites): Bookworm Anna is always reading something—unless it involves her school work. Her mother and stepfather have tried everything to get her to get good grades, and now that’s she’s at community college, they’re worried she’s never going to make it. Her stepfather comes up with an ingenious incentive plan to pay his stepdaughter for getting A’s—but Anna tells him she wants something far more naughty than money. She wants her stepdaddy instead.

Christa (Daddy’s Favorites): Spoiled Christa has never wanted for anything in her life. She’s the head cheerleader at a major university, drives a brand new Mustang, and will graduate summa cum laude this year. All the boys want to date her and every girl wants to be her—but Christa has been keeping a secret. Her parents divorced over a year ago and her mother re-married over the summer. No one knows that her new stepfather watches her practice her cheers in the yard from the bathroom window, and steals her panties out of the laundry, and watches her get undressed at night—because Christa leaves her door wide open. No one knows how much Christa wants to get back at her parents—or how much she desperately wants to steal her new stepfather right out from her mother’s nose. And spoiled Christa always gets what she wants.

Clara (Daddy’s Favorites): Clara is a typical farmer’s daughter, getting up in the morning to gather eggs and milk the cows before heading off for her first year at community college. She knows her stepfather can use all the help he can get, now that her mother has left them both for a richer life in California with a younger man. The two of them have picked up the pieces and developed their own routine, but when Clara approaches her stepfather with a question about sex and boys, both father and daughter discover that they are far lonelier than either of them ever realized.

Becca (Daddy’s Favorites): Tomboy Becca has always been the girl who caught frogs, made mud pies and climbed trees. She’s never cared for or even paid attention to boys much, unless they were tossing a ball in her direction, but when a new girl shows in up in her class at community college, all that changes. How does the new girl get so much attention just for wearing skimpy clothes? Becca discovers she does want the boys to notice her after all, and decides to find out how to make that happen. And what better place to start her experiment than at home? Because the person she wants to notice her the most just happens to be her stepfather.

Warning: This title contains shamelessly wicked displays of taboo sex so hot—careful!—it may just melt your ereader!

Word Count: 59,000




“What the hell?” she whispered, licking her lips and leaning in to get a closer look. She knew her stepfather watched porn—that’s why the adult pay channels had been locked—but notthis kind of porn. The girl on the screen wasn’t the usual dyed-blond porn-type with long, tanned legs and fake breasts and a tiny waist. This was a real girl, about her age, she guessed—thick and curvy. Her breasts were definitely real. She could tell.

Tina clicked the little triangle in the middle of the screen to make the video play. The sound was off, but she watched as the guy parted the girl’s chubby thighs, her pussy shaved smooth, her lips swollen, red and fat as he smacked them with the head of his cock. The girl’s head went back as he slid his cock home. She reached for him, and her breasts began to sway as he fucked her. Yep, definitely real, Tina noted.

She found the sound and turned it up, frowning when nothing came out of the speakers. Then she noticed the ear buds on her stepfather’s big, antique desk, plugged into the laptop. She slipped them into her ears, the sound of fucking filling her head, sending a hot jolt of excitement down between her legs. She followed the sensation with her hand, cupping her mound, rubbing it over her panties—she was wearing just those and a t-shirt, ready for bed—as she watched the girl on the screen get pounded.

She looks like me. She did—at least a little. Definitely her body type, and even her coloring.

“Ohhhh Daddy, yes, fuck your little girl’s tight baby pussy!”

Tina gaped at the screen, her breath caught in her throat. Of course, the older man fucking the younger girl on her stepfather’s computer wasn’t really that girl’s daddy. That would be illegal. And wrong. But… but somehow the thought that it might be, just the fantasy of it, made her pussy ache like it never had before.

Tina leaned back in the big leather chair, putting one foot up on the seat so her legs were spread, rubbing her clit through her panties. Her arousal was so instantaneous that they were sticky already, the crotch damp as she tugged it aside, letting her fingers play in her wetness.

“You like Daddy’s big cock?” the guy on the screen growled, pulling the length of it out so she could see it glistening before driving it back in, deep.

“Yes, Daddy! Oh yes! I love your big fucking dick inside me!” The girl used a kind of sing-song voice, high and sweet, and the man groaned, grabbing onto her breasts as they swayed on her chest. Tina watched as he squeezed and kneaded them, just like Ray used to do to her. Then he rolled her over to her belly, making her get up on her hands and knees.

“Oh god,” she whispered, watching as the girl did as she was told, putting her bottom up high, her cheek resting against the mattress. She could almost feel that thick, hard cock sliding into her like that, from behind, those big hands gripping her.

“You’ve got a gorgeous ass, baby,” he groaned, slapping it as he began to pump himself inside her. “Just fucking gorgeous.”

Tina flushed at his words, her clit throbbing under her fingers as she rubbed herself, watching the couple on the screen fucking harder, faster, really getting into it now. She was too, so close to coming she was quivering all over. She knew she had to hurry—her parents would be home soon and she didn’t want to be caught on her stepfather’s password-protected computer. In fact, she was so close, she probably wouldn’t have heard it if one of the ear buds hadn’t slipped from her ear at that moment.

“I’ll be just a few minutes!” her stepfather called on the other side of the door.

Tina just reacted, snapping the computer’s lid closed and tossing the ear buds on the desk before sliding underneath it to hide in the cubbyhole. The desk was enormous, antique, so heavy the movers had cursed and grunted getting it up the stairs, and Tina shrank to the very back of the dark space, trying to keep quiet. She was breathing far too hard, and she gulped, trying to calm her racing heart.

The door opened and she closed her eyes, putting a hand over her own mouth to silence herself. Her stepfather turned on the light—she hadn’t bothered—and then locked the door. She heard the tell-tale “click.” Tina swallowed, trying to make herself smaller as he came over toward the desk—she heard his dress shoes on the hardwood floor.

She tried not to breathe at all as her stepfather opened his laptop, sitting in the big leather chair where she had just been touching herself. He was still in his suit, and his knees invaded her space as he slid closer to the screen. Oh god—if he found her here…

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