About Excessica

About eXcessica

eXcessica opened our doors in April 2008 and, as of this writing, we have over 500 ebooks in our catalog, and nearly 1/3 of those have gone to print in trade paperback. We offer erotic romance and erotica in every genre and heat level. eXcessica authors cross the spectrum from bestselling and award-winning professionals to fresh, new exciting voices. We are committed to bringing you as much excessively pleasurable fiction as you can possibly stand.

Awards and Accolades

BEST PUBLISHER: Top 10 Finisher, Preditors and Editor, 2008

2008 EPPIE WINNER for erotica: A Good Student by Elliott Mabeuse

2008 EPPIE finalist for anthology: Ecoerotica by Selena Kitt

2009 EPPIE finalist for fantasy erotica: The Real Mother Goose by Selena Kitt

2011 EPPIE finalist for erotic romance: Heidi and the Kaiser by Selena Kitt

2011 EPPIE WINNER for erotica: Second Chance by Selena Kitt

Meet the eXcessica Staff


Selena Kitt

Cover Art

Jade Twilight

Alessia Brio

Valerie Tibbs

Selena Kitt

Carol Gambill

Dakota Trace

Jasmine Black


Executive Editor

Selena Kitt

Editorial Staff

Emily Moore

Jennifer Campbell

Mallory Path

Simon Knight



Gavin Atlas

Administration and Production

Publishing Administrator

Stacey Price


Web Master

Selena Kitt


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